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Model # Motor Flame:
Ign. Cntrl
Auto/Cntrl Gas/Safety
Fan Switch:
Regulator Nozzle Hose Hose/
Remington Heater REM25LP NLA 099236-01 NLA 101864-01 NLA 101732-01 101878-01 LPA2025 See Valve LPA1025 LPA3025 102445-01
Remington Heater REM30LP 104156-01 104146-01 NLA 104144-01 101478-02 101732-05 104784-01 LPA2170 SeeValve LPA1020 LPA3120 102445-01
Remington Heater REM35LP 099521-01 099538-01 NLA 099728-01 099537-01 101732-02 099539-01 LPA2110 NLA LPA1020 LPA3090 102445-01
Remington Heater REM50LP 100589-01 099538-01 NLA 100591-01 099537-03 101732-01 100588-01 LPA2140 NLA LPA1020 LPA3055 102445-01
Remington Heater REM50LPA 103864-01 099538-01 NLA 100591-01 NLA 101732-01 100588-01 LPA2140 NLA LPA1020 LPA3055 102445-01
Remington Heater REM50PV 103864-01 099538-01 NLA 103861-01 099537-03 101732-01 100588-01 LPA2140 103862-01 LPA1020 LPA3055 102445-01
Remington HeaterREM100LP 102366-01 099538-01 102601-01 103846-01 M51153-01 101732-04 102487-01 LPA2150 099138-02 LPA1000 LPA3100 NLA
Remington Heater REM150LP 099131-01 M51580-01 M51605-01 079473-01 M23147 079147-01 HA3013 LPA2090 078980-01 LPA1010 LPA3020 NLA
Remington Heater REM200LP NLA 099236-01 NLA 097155-01 NLA NLA 097150-01 LPA2010 097162-01 LPA1020 LPA3060 *LPA4000
Remington Heater +REM275LP NLA 099236-01 NLA 097155-01 NLA NLA 097150-01 LPA2010 097162-01 LPA1020 LPA3000 *LPA4000
Remington Heater REM2000 NLA 099236-01 NLA 097155-01 NLA NLA 101278-01 LPA2005 097162-01 LPA1020 LPA3005 102445-01

+ ----Manual Control Valve: Part # 097152-01
* ----Includes Electrode

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