Remington Electric Chainsaw Replacement Parts List for Models:
RPS96 Pole Saw(104316-01)
RPS96 Pole Saw (104316-04)
RPS96 Pole Saw (104317)


No.            Part No.                Description
1                104302-01S          Guide Bar, 8"
2                104301S               Saw Chain, 8"
3                075836                 Armature
4                075676                 Sprocket Roller Bearing
5                076744                 Hex-Head Bolt
6                079084-02           Oil Reservoir Cap
7                099829-01           Cord
8                079091-04           Side Cover
9                076105                 Thrust Disc
10              075837                 Field
10-1           076647                 Bearing and Brush Holder
10-2           ***                       Field Screw
11              059606                 Metal Drive Gear
12              075752                 Chain Drive Sprocket
13              079088-01            Front Hand Guard
14              079089-02            Motor Housing
15              NPC-4C              Hex Nut
16              077115                 Adjusting Plate Assembly
17              075887                 Bearing Plate
17-1           075499                 Roller Bearing
18              079086-02           Oil Reservoir
19              059045                  Pan-Head Tap Screw
20              076905                  Pan-Head Shoulder Screw
21              076906                  Flat-Head Tap Screw
22              059046                  Pan-Head Tap Screw
23              077143                  Sprocket Support
24              077525S                Lock-Off Switch

Parts Available-Not Shown
079882-01----------Hardware Package
104379-01----------Hardware Polesaw Package

*** Available at your local hardware store.>
* No Parts Are Available for Pole.

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